Welcome to our website.


We are LARKHARBOUR Newfoundlands proud owners of this wonderful breed.


In our house there were four family members, these being Kev, Rebecca, Luke and Alexia - mix up the first letters of our names and you get the word LARK - hence the name LARKHARBOUR! Since then we have had a new arrival, our little boy called Zach! However we are sure he won’t mind not having his first letter in the name as it maybe a bit of a challenge!

We currently have FIVE  Newfoundlands that live in relative peace with us, (with three children it ‘s never quiet!) they are Aoife (pronounced Eeefar) Diesel, Tarka and Maybel and our big fella Tanner. Tanner is the only boy dog we have, Diesel  just has a boys name!

We would like to share with you our goals and achievements that our dogs have obtained and many photos that we have of their antics!

Our newfies are firstly family members, but we also like to have a go at a few of the activities that are available  to us, these include showing, water work, draught work, Nose work and Obedience. We are members of the working group PHOENIX WORKING NEWFOUNDLANDS and you can see our dogs doing all of these activities with many of our two and four legged friends on their website. www.phoenixworkingnewfoundlands.co.uk


Kev is also the chairman of the recently formed Working Newfoundland Club of Great Britain. Over the last 18months us and the dogs have been very busy running events, taking tests and judging. Its been a fantastic time for all and our new home is the clubs HQ, having many meetings and discussions in our barn!


On the next page you can find out a little bit more about us and what we do, then the other pages are all about our dogs and lots of photo’s as that’s what everyone likes best about websites!

We hope that you enjoy looking at our site and will visit regularly, we shall keep it updated especially as  our dogs and their antics are changing daily!

Also on our site you can find information on the Grooming and Training Services that we offer.  Grooming and training is not breed specific, we welcome any variety of dog that you might need to give a spruce up or improve obedience! Training classes are all held outside although we do have a barn if the weather is bad!

We don't just cover obedience either, there is agility, flyball, nosework and draught for those dogs that have the ability to do it.