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Between us we have quite a few years experience with Newfoundland Dogs (Kev more than Bek, but I wont tell you how many as it may make Kev feel old!)† Kev has been judging newfoundlands in the top levels in water and draught work for many years and his enthusiasm has not dwindled one bit! He stopped showing a few years ago, but has been persuaded to give it another go with our Tarka and Tanner.

Bek is new to the judging game , having recently been accepted on the judging lists, but has thoroughly enjoyed judging with the WNC for the last 18 months. Showing is also a new challenge to Bek and she is starting to get a bit better at it! (standing your dog is not as easy as it looks when the dog keeps wiggling!).

Between us we have four children, Ben (from Kevís first marriage) who is 18,has worked with newfies all his life† and is currently planning on going to university. Luke 10 years, Lexie 8 years and the latest addition Zach who has just turned 1.† All the children have grown up with this fantastic breed and enjoy our many trips away each year† playing with our dogs.

When we are not off on our travels attending different events and tests we like nothing more than being at home, often in the company of Beks parents Lin & Dave who also have 2 newfies Daisy and Enya.† We were lucky enough to move to our dream house† in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire at the end of 2011. We have just under 5 acres of land including stables, barns ,field shelters and paddocks. As a result we have been very busy making the Farm our own. We have acquired a few extras along the way and we now own 9 sheep, 8 ducks and 6 chickens! We are never short of eggs!

In May† 2011 we saw the arrival of our first brown newfie Maybel, to say she has been a challenge is maybe an understatement! However Kev was hooked by our little brown dog and at Christmas the same year Our Tanner came home! Darkpeak Rumour Has It has been glued to Kev side ever since and the big fella can do no wrong. Itís a bit of a standing joke in our house, if a dogs done something wrong itís never Tanner!

Being the only boy dog in our little pack Tanner has fitted in well with both kids and dogs and even the matriarch Diesel likes him! He is however BIG! His head fits on the work surface without trying and Kev has even brought him his own van for travelling in as Tanner didn't like the truck! Spoilt or what!!!!