Our aim is to provide a local service to any dog that needs a bit of TLC, whether as a helping hand throughout the winter months or  for a more regular upkeep of your dogs needs.

Our facilities comprising of a rustic (we are based in a rural location!) fully fitted grooming room with hot shower and bath. Full drying facilities and all the equipment for your dog to be fully pampered.

We offer Full  bath, dry and cut/trim, nails and ears for any breed of dog.

Bek has been grooming for many years having grown up with dogs all her life. Her main focus for the last several years has been with her own breed the Newfoundland, which by any standard are a high maintenance breed.  Bek presently shows several of her own dogs. She is currently training for her level 2.

Larkharbour Grooming has been up and running for over a year now and we have many trusted returning customers. We want to make sure our customers and their dogs go home happy, so if your dog has a top knot you like or a bushy tail then it will stay! 

If you would like to discuss your dogs needs please contact Bek on 01487 814087




Mavis— Winter cut

Mavis—Summer cut to prevent grass seed problems

 Above: Our Tarka Aged 3—July 2013

Right: Our Tanner Aged 19mths—July 2013