Welcome to Larkharbour Dog Training

When we moved into the area in 2011 we had 2 young dogs that required a training class, this proved to be a challenge as the local class is on  a first floor of a warehouse! Not ideal for Newfoundlands…… The solution was to provide our own training  class with the experience we have combined.  We were surprised at the local interest and within several weeks we were running classes of dogs at various levels.

All training is outside, although the Barn is used in very wet weather! We have several paddocks set aside for classes including a agility paddock which is an all time favourite.  We run classes throughout the year as the paddocks can be lit in the winter months, although the adverse weather and last years flooding meant classes  were reduced in the colder months.

Classes are based upon the dogs needs and issues that owners would like to address, these can be part of the main class or on an individual  basis.

All training is reward based and we have a supply of liver cake  (made with our own free range eggs!) to help encourage even a reluctant dog!

Areas covered are:         Obedience—All breeds

                                            Agility—All breeds

                                            Nose work—All breeds

                                            Draught work— Newfoundlands, Bernese Mountain Dog, Malamute, Husky,                                                      Black Russian Terrier etc)


If you would like more information on our  training classes and how we may be able to help you and your dog, please contact Bek on 01487 814087.

Classes are held on a Monday & Wednesday  at 7pm, they are based on a six week course. However so many of our dogs and owners enjoy their classes that they just keep coming back week after week! All you need to bring is you, your dog on a standard 40” lead if possible, poo bags and a treat bag!


We Look forward to hearing from you.